50’s Christmas

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A Christmas themed blog on the 9th of January does seem a bit odd. In the same way, as, straight after boxing day I don’t like the Christmas tree anymore. All the shine has gone, the lights don’t seem as bright and I feel a bit dirty after all the festive cheer I’ve exuded. That… Read more »

My Face Wrapping Paper

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Wrapping paper personalised with my beaming face! What lucky girlfriend wouldn’t want that on the outside of her thoughtful pile of well thought out birthday gifts?! No girlfriend, that’s who, least of all my lovely girlfriend.

Easy Time Travel

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Found at the back of Katie’s Mum’s cupboard one unopened Tesco can opener circa 1986. Trapped in time, unopened products from the past really do have a eerie quality to them and are the an easy and fun way to feel like you’ve travelled back in time. The grid background (like this is a can… Read more »