I have a record out. Soon!

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No blog posts for a while I know. A lot has been going on with Finest and also my music production, which has resulted me getting a beat on a record that should be out very soon. The track, ‘Elephant’s Breath’, features legendary New York rapper Sadat X and Manchester’s own Burgundy Blood. I’m pretty… Read more »

Sunday Mixtape

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This Sunday I did a quick freestyle hip hop mix for my car. As is happens it came out okay, the beat juggle at the beginning is the highlight. I have got back into my decks heavily in the last few weeks so I hope to get some more polished mixes up in the next… Read more »

The Count (feat Bredsnak)

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A new track I came up with over Easter sampling some prog rock, with some guitars provided by musical genius Bredsnak. Produced using the Akai MPK and Ableton. It’s a bit weird, I was going for an El-P style beat with a bit of Four Tet thrown in. Anyway you be the judge.

First Piece in Five Years

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I’ve been out of the old graffiti game a long while now but finally this weekend I headed over to visit my good friend Doog (AKA coLor art) and did a couple of legals in Sheffield. My sketches are okay but my execution has become very sloppy. Check it! Actually the, ‘E’ on this one… Read more »

IE8 and Modernizr 2.5.2 links bug

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This week I’ve had an annoying and difficult to replicate bug with Modenizr 2.5.2 and Internet Explorer 8. Working for Leeds University IE8 is still our standard campus supported browser and during a dry run of a demo, links in our application were causing the browser to crash on page refresh. This behavior was only… Read more »

New Track – Under the Bed

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My first finished track of the year, ‘Under the Bed’ is just about ready to be listened too. I’ve really got back into sampling recently as not being that naturally musical it feels like a good way in for me. Anyway, if you happen to have a listen let me know what you think on… Read more »