Prototype Website with Assemble, Grunt & Inuit

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Over the last year I have been moving away from GUI based tools in all of my work. Firstly to minimise spend on licenses but also to ensure I can move from machine to machine without effecting my workflow, whilst maintaining the speed of front end development I require. To that end I have created… Read more »

I have a record out. Soon!

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No blog posts for a while I know. A lot has been going on with Finest and also my music production, which has resulted me getting a beat on a record that should be out very soon. The track, ‘Elephant’s Breath’, features legendary New York rapper Sadat X and Manchester’s own Burgundy Blood. I’m pretty… Read more »

Sunday Mixtape

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This Sunday I did a quick freestyle hip hop mix for my car. As is happens it came out okay, the beat juggle at the beginning is the highlight. I have got back into my decks heavily in the last few weeks so I hope to get some more polished mixes up in the next… Read more »

The Count (feat Bredsnak)

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A new track I came up with over Easter sampling some prog rock, with some guitars provided by musical genius Bredsnak. Produced using the Akai MPK and Ableton. It’s a bit weird, I was going for an El-P style beat with a bit of Four Tet thrown in. Anyway you be the judge.

First Piece in Five Years

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I’ve been out of the old graffiti game a long while now but finally this weekend I headed over to visit my good friend Doog (AKA coLor art) and did a couple of legals in Sheffield. My sketches are okay but my execution has become very sloppy. Check it! Actually the, ‘E’ on this one… Read more »