A Quick Thought on: IOS 9 Content Blockers

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A quick thought… Block ads, block fonts, block just about anything. After the release of IOS 9 user’s voices have been heard with the huge amount of downloads of content blockers from Apple’s App Store. The answer dear readers? Good old progressive enhancement. If you build with standards and layer up functionality then users can… Read more »

Why I’m not (quite) ready for a smart watch

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It makes perfect sense for me to have a smart watch.  I love tech, I love shiny new toys and hate having to put my hand all the way into my pocket then adjust my bag or look where I’m going whilst I read a text or see if my hilarious Facebook comments have had… Read more »

Link round up #1

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Most people in this industry suffer from information overload and I, am no different. How can we find the time to actually asses the range of new frameworks, techniques and interesting blog titles that invade every feed, on every screen we own on a minute by minute basis? Well, here’s my solution… I’m going to… Read more »

Prototype Website with Assemble, Grunt & Inuit

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Over the last year I have been moving away from GUI based tools in all of my work. Firstly to minimise spend on licenses but also to ensure I can move from machine to machine without effecting my workflow, whilst maintaining the speed of front end development I require. To that end I have created… Read more »

I have a record out. Soon!

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No blog posts for a while I know. A lot has been going on with Finest and also my music production, which has resulted me getting a beat on a record that should be out very soon. The track, ‘Elephant’s Breath’, features legendary New York rapper Sadat X and Manchester’s own Burgundy Blood. I’m pretty… Read more »