Matt Tyas — UX Designer and Front-end Developer

Originally from Hebden Bridge. I live in Manchester and am the UX Manager at the Co-Operative.

Matt Tyas Presenting a prototype concept

I’ve been in the web industry a while and I feel comfortable taking on a number of roles. I’m happy tapping out code, designing, creating user journeys and wireframes and speaking to clients. I even present and give talks from time to time.

I’m a nice bloke who gets on with people. I would never claim to be the best at anything, I’ll take advice where I need too but I’m also capable of plugging away on my own and putting my opinions forward. By that I mean I can be a bit of a show off…

In between my day job, running Manchester’s Finest and freelance work, you might bump into me at a conference or hear my questions being answered on web design podcasts. I am also a mentor for students at MMU, occasional music maker (I produce for the small independent label heavy crates), tweeter and even more occasional blog writer.

Download my CV for the nitty gritty, check out my portfolio for the visual stuff and of course check out