RSP Application map

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Detailed web app sitemap As part of the work I did on the RSP (Research Support Process) application at Leeds University I had to produce a detailed sitemap of how the application fit together. The application is a complex financial planning tool and to accompany my user flows, wireframes and design I needed to produce… Read more »

The original Finest Note

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To document this properly, let me present the original note from Lee Isherwood’s Iphone outlining the idea for Finest. It’s the modern day equivalent of the back of a fag packet!

New (old) Track – Dunn’s River

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I will probably start to post some of my music up here as well from now on. First up an old one but a good one. I wish I hadn’t lost the source files for this one because the levels need some serious tweaking. So apologies for the volume, especially on the drums…

The Terrapimp Mixtape

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Landing pretty soon will be the new mixtape from my mate Nanny – The Terrapimp. The Terrapimp on Soundcloud. These are not exactly supposed to be my finest design work, but they are loads of fun to do and pay homage to the bad hip hop album covers of the 90’s (think Master P, No… Read more »

Sliding Jquery Contact Form

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Before Christmas I was asked to create a sliding contact form for the Leeds for Life site here at the University. I think it came out pretty well so I thought I’d share. I added a few extra touches such as the background opacity to focus users attention on the form and also the opening… Read more »

Manchester’s Finest review of the year

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I have realised that in 21 days Manchester’s Finest will have been live for a year. The site is running well, thanks to Lee Isherwood (he has done an incredible amount of promotion, and general work) and we have had some excellent contributors come on board to give their journalistic talents for little or no… Read more »

50’s Christmas

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A Christmas themed blog on the 9th of January does seem a bit odd. In the same way, as, straight after boxing day I don’t like the Christmas tree anymore. All the shine has gone, the lights don’t seem as bright and I feel a bit dirty after all the festive cheer I’ve exuded. That… Read more »

My Face Wrapping Paper

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Wrapping paper personalised with my beaming face! What lucky girlfriend wouldn’t want that on the outside of her thoughtful pile of well thought out birthday gifts?! No girlfriend, that’s who, least of all my lovely girlfriend.