Advent Cats

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Posted on Twitter by @AndrewCollins the @CatsProtection 2011 Advent Calendar. I am already in the queue for one of these next Christmas. My personal favourite cat name, ‘Norton’.

Ducks by Doog

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So, about 10 minutes ago I got a text from my good friend John Dowswell (known to me, since childhood as Doog). It seems the art work he produces across Sheffield has been making a bit of an impact and has just been featured on the BBC website. Doog paints ducks on pubs and leaves… Read more »

Easy Time Travel

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Found at the back of Katie’s Mum’s cupboard one unopened Tesco can opener circa 1986. Trapped in time, unopened products from the past really do have a eerie quality to them and are the an easy and fun way to feel like you’ve travelled back in time. The grid background (like this is a can… Read more »

Christmas Pies

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Tis the season to scoff up food and, to that end here are some pictures of a couple of lovely stand pies I made with my Dad on Christmas Eve. Completed Pie Also My Mum made this spiced beef, a cured beef topside, covered in cloves and other festive flavours.

Website to do list

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I may as well store this here. It makes sense to publicly shame myself into getting these jobs done as soon as possible. Fixing the responsiveness of the site The main navigation at present need to be tweaked for smaller screens Test the responsiveness of the images within the site currently Overflow problems leading to… Read more »

Almost a new home

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My new site, at the time of writing this (although still in development) is all but complete. I am fairly happy and I think I will find the time to log my processes properly after I put it live and I’ve got a bit of work uploaded. I will however use these preliminary pre-live posts… Read more »

Web Solutions

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Web Solutions portfolio site I recently re-designed and built our Web Solutions team website at the University of Leeds. We wanted something friendly that was a portfolio but also an approachable point of contact. I went for a fairly standard style of portfolio design focusing on a good solid layout and typography. Currently the site… Read more »

McrFinest App

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App Sketches & Design Design and sketches for a proposed mobile application to sit along side the Manchester’s Finest Website.

Vertex Media

Tagged with: Vertex Media is a Video Production company based in the north of England. I created a static site (as there is basic HTML experience within the business) that reflected their brand’s association to strong imagery within this part of the UK.